What it means to be a “Board Certified” Orthodontist

Board certification through the American Board of Orthodontics is a voluntary process by which an orthodontist has demonstrated the highest level of skill, knowledge and education through a written and oral clinical exam. To become board certified, you must have graduated from an accredited orthodontic specialty program which makes you eligible to take the first part of the boards, the written exam. Upon successful completion of the written exam, you are then eligible to take the oral clinical exam. This part of the exam requires you to present 6 completed orthodontic cases that have met a minimum level of difficulty, to a board of orthodontic examiners. The examiners evaluate your level of knowledge and skill in treating these difficult cases.

Upon successful completion of the oral examination, you are Board Certified, which is valid for a period of 10 years, when you have to re-certify. This involves submitting new cases to the examiners. I would be happy to show you my board cases if interested.

I chose to become board certified because I believe that as a dental specialist, I should continually strive to improve my skill and knowledge of my specialty through continuous evaluation of my own work and having other board certified colleagues evaluate my work based on the board standards. Critically evaluating your own work is one thing, but to have an objective, critical review of your work from other specialists holds you to the highest stand in the profession. With my pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence in orthodontics, I feel confident in delivering the highest level of orthodontic care for my patients. Go to the American Board of Orthodontics website americanboardortho.com for more information